As the only organization in New Jersey solely focused on inclusion and the research-based practices that support it, NJCIE is uniquely qualified to provide trainings. Our team advocates for our diverse stakeholders while bringing integrity, collaboration, and expertise to the work we do every day. Meet our staff and read more about them! 

Fred Buglione

President & CEO

KRistin Bertolero, Ph.D.

Inclusion Facilitator

Kathryn BuschaN, Ph.D.

Inclusion Facilitator



Inclusion Facilitator


Jason Jennings, M.Ed.

Behavior Support Specialist

Aimee tillyer, M.A.

Development Manager

Dawn Cuccolo, M.Ed.

Director of Special Projects


Michelle Lockwood, M.S.

Director, Positive Behavior Support

Sue A. Goldman, M.A.

Speech & Language Consultant


Kristy Ritvalsky, M.Ph.

Inclusion Facilitator

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Board of Directors

Dr. Roseanne Mirabella, Chair

Rose Cali

Corinne Catalano

Nicholas DeMauro

Christina Fam Faragalla

LeDerick Horne

Maureen Kerne

Wendy Lacey

Dr. Priya Lalvani

Grace McDonald, Youth Trustee

Joy McDonald

Martin Mussman, Treasurer

Betsy Smith

Kelli Tobin

Fred Buglione, President & CEO