There is nothing more important than family, and NJCIE is here to support yours! NJCIE is committed to giving parents the tools they need to understand inclusive education practices and work with their children as a partner for their success inside and outside of the classroom. 

parent resources

NJCIE's team of experts is dedicated to providing parents tools to help their children at school, at home, and in the community.

NJCIE staff regularly add tools to our Resources page for parents sharing strategies and tools for you to help your children be successful in education and life.

family & community trainings

NJCIE provides free trainings to parents with children who have disabilities. Trainings range from presentations by self-advocates, effective high school transition planning, basic IEP workshops, positive behavior support, and inclusion practices.

To learn more about NJCIE's trainings, contact us!

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Night of Holiday Magic

Join us for a celebration of inclusive education at our annual Night of Holiday Magic Gala. The evening honors leaders within the inclusive education field as well as champions in our community.

NJCIE's Summer Inclusion Conference

NJCIE hosts over 650 parents, educators, inclusion experts, and self-advocates annually for our Summer Inclusion Conference. Learn more about last year's conference and register for the 2019 conference!


Friend organizations

NJCIE understands the complex and expansive needs that parents of children with disabilities have. If you are need in of additional resources beyond what NJCIE provides, please contact our friend organizations.