Our Services

As the only organization in New Jersey solely focused on inclusion and the research-based practices that support it, NJCIE is uniquely qualified to provide trainings in this area across school districts in New Jersey. We listen, evaluate, take action, and encourage educators to learn the skills that will result in better classrooms for ALL children.

NJCIE does not provide direct support to students. NJCIE supports districts through training, coaching, and strategic planning. NJCIE supports parents through free training and individual consultations.


School Districts

NJCIE works with school districts across New Jersey to provide professional development trainings as well as consultation and coaching services to educators and administrators. Our programs are fully customized to your school district's needs.


Giving educators the resources they need is critical to successful inclusive classrooms for all students. NJCIE provides trainings, resources, and conferences to support educators throughout New Jersey and beyond.


Parents are their children's first and more important teachers. NJCIE is dedicated to providing resources to parents and connecting them with our partners to ensure they have the tools they need to partner in their child's successful educational journey.