Professional Development Trainings



Trainings for Schools & Educators

Inclusive Practices

  • Co-Teaching

  • Moving Towards Universal Design Learning (UDL)

  • Literacy Unbound - Engaged Instruction of Complex Texts to Diverse Audiences

  • Engaging ALL Students! Active Learning for the Inclusive Classroom

  • Technology & the Inclusive Classroom - A Natural Fit!

  • Station Teaching Design & Implementation

  • Reaching Every Child: Adaptations, Accommodations, & Modifications

  • Moving Towards Greater Differentiation in the Classroom

  • Access is Not Enough! Brain-based Learning Strategies that Support Student Needs!

  • Inclusion, Technology, and Project-Based Instruction

  • Reading Strategies to Assist Struggling Readers

  • Analyzing Data and Using it to Drive Instruction


  • What Does the Para Really Do? The Paraprofessional's Important Role in Supporting Students in the Inclusive Classroom

  • "I Did It!" Fostering Independence & Developing Student Autonomy

  • Been There, Done That, Now What?!?!? Avoiding Power Struggles with Children

  • Tips for Paraprofessionals: Using Positive Behavior Support with Students

  • Effective Techniques and Methodologies for Para-Professionals that Ensure Student Success and Independence

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

  • Beyond Rewards & Consequences: Tips for Social Workers in Developing PBS

  • Practical Applications of PBS in the Classroom

  • Easting in Peace: Improving Cafeteria Climates

  • PBS Tier 2: Supporting Students Who Challenge the School-Wide Plan

  • Playing it Safe: Developing Playground Behavior Management Systems

  • Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate: Tips for Teachers

  • Avoiding & Escaping Power Struggles with Students

  • The Functional Behavior Assessment Process: From Paper to Practice


Trainings for Families & Communities

  • Presentations by Self-Advocates

  • Planning for Transition: Effective High School Transition Planning

  • Basic IEP Workshop: Laying the Groundwork for Inclusion

  • Demystifying Inclusion

  • Beyond Rewards & Consequences: A Parents' Intro to PBS in Schools


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