PBIS Implementation Consultant

Organizational Description:

The New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education (NJCIE) is a nonprofit dedicated to the goal of including all children into the general education environment. One way in which we advance our mission is by providing training and consulting services to school districts. We are growing and have a need for multiple personnel.   

Job Description

We are in need of a PBIS Implementation Facilitator to provide consultation and training sessions for a school district in the south-western region of New Jersey. The school district in question has had PBIS implementation processes in the past, but not all schools in their district implemented with fidelity or sustainability. We need personnel who understand tiered interventions and how to implement them; how to coach teachers and interface with administrators. The bulk of the work will be preparing the schools for later implementation of PBIS and primarily developing class-wide and school-wide supports and interventions at Tier 1.    

Essential Duties

Professional Development:

  • Design and deliver professional development to small and/or large groups of school-based instructional staff

  • Create opportunities for follow-up support to improve teacher implementation of skills learned in professional development workshops

Client Support:

  • May be called on to support the PBIS efforts of several districts in a consultative role.

  • Potentially support a variety of professionals: special and general educators, and administrative staff

  • Provide consultation and coaching on classroom management, effective education, reward systems, and assessment of behavioral support needs of students with and without disabilities

  • Train staff to conduct collect and analyze behavioral data, oversee the implementation, and monitor behavior intervention plans and evaluate accordingly; Develop crisis intervention plans when needed

  • Determine appropriate methods to provide classroom-based support for implementation of new and or refined instructional practices and integration of technology

  • Observe instructional practices and provide meaningful and timely feedback to teachers.

  • Model and/or demonstrate lessons inside a coaching cycle that includes; pre and post-conferencing, observation rubric, and teacher observation with feedback

  • Plan collaboratively with teachers for the continuation, modification or initial use of specific instructional techniques, strategies or approaches

  • Guide and assist teachers in establishing effective classroom practices including, but not limited to, the areas of: physical environment, rules/procedures, classroom culture and relationships, academic expectations, classroom management, the development of students tracking their own data and student engagement

  • Assist teachers in the development and implementation of effective classroom management strategies, individual behavioral intervention plans, instructional planning, and classroom organization, as needed

  • Observe student response to instruction, providing constructive feedback to staff

  • Stay abreast of national and state standards, and current trends and issues related to assigned content area and best practice

Technological Development:

  • Design, develop, and present PowerPoint® presentations

  • Design, develop, and present online webinars (assistance with the technological aspects of the webinars will be provided)

  • Other duties may be assigned

Required Qualifications:

  • Advanced knowledge in PBIS

  • Knowledge of best practices in inclusion of students with disabilities

  • Sense of Humor

  • Ability to build cooperation and collaboration

  • Ability to lead groups of educators

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $75,000.00 /year