NJCIE Honors

Annually, NJCIE recognizes local champions making a difference in inclusive education for schools, children, and families in New Jersey. To learn more about nominating an educator or team, please visit our online nomination form. Check our some of our past winners below:

NJCIE Honors 2019

Haddonfield Public schools & Dr. Gino Priolo

NJCIE Honors 2019

Catherine Zavacki & Anjana Iyer

NJCIE Honors 2018

Alma Schneider

NJCIE Honors 2017 - 2018

Carolyn Garcia, Karen Rich, Temara King, Jacqueline Truesdale, & Maryann Curti


NJCIE Honors 2016 - 2017

Joy Letts and Marie Christian

NJCIE Honors 2015 - 2016

Kate Stanton-Paule